Quoin Rock | Harvest

There's a story behind every grape | Shooting a harvest in Simonsberg, Stellenbosch to showcase why South African wines are so special. Quoin Rock & Knorhoek celebrates their harvest season together, and I was honoured to capture this.
Quoin Rock Wine Estate
Quoin Rock | Harvest

Timing is everything

Just as in Viticulture & winemaking, timing is everything in harvest season - We had to fall into this ethos in our production schedule & shooting. Waiting for the perfect moment to pick these grapes, that held the opportunity to create authentic content and a true display of what harvest in Stellenbosch is like.


Showcase the beauty of Harvest season

My primary goal with this project was to showcase the beauty of this season in the wine industry. A year of growth, hard work, people, nature, and harmony, all coming together to create a special time of yielding most from these Stellenbosch Vineyards. My goal was to capture these moments of beauty. The people, the sun rising over the valley, and the story behind every grape. We could take our time, shoot almost every morning, all to make sure we get the best of the season together with the viticulture team.


The best moments captured of Quoin Rock's Harvest.

We successfully achieved a production of moments from the harvest in 2023. After several mornings over February & March, we found moments of authenticity, golden grapes, rich colours, beautiful mornings, and a team filled with excitement of what's to come in every drop of wine.


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