Gåte Restaurant

Studio shoot for the Fine Dining Winter Menu at the iconic Stellenbosch Winelands Restaurant - Gåte. We captured their full tasting menu, paired with Quoin Rock's best wines - A culinary riddle created in Cape Town.
Gåte Restaurant

Crafting the Perfect Atmosphere: Balancing Dark & Moody Visuals with Fine Dining Food at Gåte Restaurant.

Picture this: we had to create a vibe that was dark and moody, but still managed to make the food at Gåte Restaurant & Quoin Rock Wines tell the story. It was a tricky balancing act, where every element had to play its part in making the food and wine the real heroes of the show. We had to strip away distractions and focus on what mattered most – indulgent flavors and mouthwatering dishes in perfect balance with the wine pairing.


Creating visual art that celebrates Paul Prinsloo's Winter Menu creations - at Gåte, It's more than food, it's philosophy & experience

My mission? To make Paul Prinsloo's winter menu at Gåte Restaurant look so incredible, you'd want to dive right into every dish. We wanted to capture the essence of winter in the Western Cape and translate it into a visual fine dining experiencethat screams indulgence, inviting viewers to experience it themselves. Celebrating the ingredients, the balance, and the vision of every dish.


A Winter experience like non other: Gåte Restaurant's successful off season

Pure winter vibes. Our photoshoot for Gåte Restaurant helped create the idea that the winter menu is an experience with elements of beauty & curiosity. We managed to make each dish look unique by applying different layouts & styling concepts to each, highlighting their flavors and indulgence. By focusing on ingredients and creating a unique visual story, we've crafted an experience that's more than just a meal – it's a journey into culinary delight. Gåte Restaurant's winter menu was a hit in the Cape Winelands.


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