Product release shoot for Pantheone's latest luxury speaker - The Obsidian

Convey strong brand values through single product

Art | Shape | Form • Pantheone's Brand values are unique, yet challenging to communicate in a single image or convey via lifestyle orientated content. We placed the focus on the environment in which Pantheone will stand as an art piece, how the shape of the speaker compliments it's owners style of interior decor & the harmony within it's environment, and lastly focus on the form of the product, with subtle relation to the trends, ambience, and styling around it.


Communicate aspirational value of the new Obsidian speaker

My primary goal with this project was to capture the aspirational value of Pantheone's latest product. To create stunning visuals of how the product is used, how it's harmony of art, shape, and form is a special part of a consumer's interior space.


Successful release of Pantheone's latest luxury speaker - The Obsidian

The successful launch of the Obsidian speaker is a testimony of all the hard work behind the scenes. A collaboration of Studio Malvah's incredible brand & design work, With my content, I have helped to provide Pantheone with an exceptional collection of photographs that portray the value of their latest creation toward consumers. The feedback from client & public has been overwhelmingly positive, and I am thrilled to see the impact that my work has made in the industry.


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