Luxury Belgian Confectionary

A full creative circle project • From Branding & packaging, to Design, content, & strategy. We worked on establishing Maison Macolat in the European Confectionary market. It has since been bought over by a bigger group & has been restructured.
Maison Macolat
Luxury Belgian Confectionary

Establish a new Luxury Brand in the European Market

In a crowded market of luxury treats, Maison Macolat aimed to stand out. Our challenge? Launching a brand-new luxury confectionary company in Europe. With determination and attention to detail, we crafted everything from scratch – the design, the website, the content, and the packaging. I had the honour to see the world's best macadamia's from South Africa fused with Belgium's finest Chocolate. Maison Macolat isn't just another confectionary option; it's a symbol of European elegance and quality, redefining what indulgence means for it's customers.


Elevating Maison Macolat: Establishing the Brand as Europe's Premier Luxury Confectionary

At Maison Macolat, our mission was clear from the start: to position the brand as the pinnacle of luxury confectionary in Europe. As the driving force behind their brand development, website creation, content strategy, and design, our goal was to set a new standard in the industry. With a small team & limited resources, we reached this goal and desired targets.


A pioneering brand within the Luxury sphere, catching attention, and being sold to a bigger group.

Establishing a strong presence throughout Europe, Maison Macolat has swiftly risen to prominence as one of the most promising brands in its market. Beyond simply offering delectable treats, Maison Macolat has become synonymous with sophistication and style, seamlessly intertwining with the realms of fashion, art, trends, and design. Through our collaborative efforts, Maison Macolat has not only conquered palates but also hearts, leaving an indelible mark on the luxury confectionary landscape. Since then, MM has been bought over by a bigger group and the brand has been dissolved, with it's products forming part of the bigger brand's line-up.




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