Feel & Remember

hand poured candles & pieces that celebrates the idea of togetherness, thought, and beauty.
Feel & Remember
Feel & Remember

Kindling the Flame: Igniting a Unique Candle & Lifestyle Brand in South Africa's High-End Market

Diving into the world of luxury candles in South Africa, where competition is fierce and uniqueness is key. The challenge? To carve out a space for Feel & Remember, infusing it with an unforgettable experience that sets it apart. From designing the brand to crafting its online presence and visual identity, the mission was clear: to create something truly special, offering more than just candles – but a feeling, a memory, a moment of hygge-inspired bliss.


Building a Beloved Brand and Community in the Western Cape

To weave Feel & Remember into the fabric of the Western Cape, making it the go-to candle brand for those seeking more than just illumination. We set out to craft a brand that resonates with hearts and homes, fostering a community that cherishes the simple joys of life. Our goal was to make every candle purchase an experience, a connection, a cherished memory – building a brand that stands out for its uniqueness and its unwavering commitment to customer delight.


A growing brand, heading in the right direction

Two years in, and Feel & Remember is making considerable impact in the market. Collaborating with the team, witnessing their passion and innovation, and seeing how they treat each customer as if they're receiving a gift – it's truly inspiring. Our content resonates with this, the website is clean & works well, and the brand's growth speaks volumes. Now, as we embark on even bigger projects, we're filled with excitement and gratitude for the journey ahead. Feel & Remember isn't just a candle brand; it's an experience of warmth and connection to the place we call home.


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