Studio & Press shoot South Africa's Biggest Rock Band

Rocking the Studio: Nailing Spoegwolf's Epic Photoshoot Under Crazy Deadlines

So, picture this: we had to pull off a killer studio shoot for Spoegwolf, South Africa's raddest rock band, and we were seriously pressed for time. Our mission? To capture their vibe and energy in a way that screams rockstar while still meeting all their press, Spotify, and campaign needs. Talk about pressure!


Leveling Up: Giving Spoegwolf a Fresh Visual collection That Sets Them Apart

These guys do this kind of thing a lot! So my goal was to try and create something different than all their previous studio shoots. We planned everything a few days before, the objective was to offer the band a collection of images that transcended the ordinary, providing them with a visual arsenal that would leave a lasting impression on fans and industry alike. The ultimate goal was to add more value, create versatility & complexity, and most importantly... have some fun!


3 Strong visual collections • and one successful studio shoot!

Boom! Our epic shoot for Spoegwolf totally smashed it. Those three killer concepts we cooked up – the white, contrasted, and RGB looks – have given their campaigns a fresh look & good variety. Fans are loving it, industry peeps are raving about it, and Spoegwolf? They're calling it their best damn photoshoot ever. Rock on!


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